Kruger National Park

Satara Camp is the Kruger National Park's third biggest rest camp, located in the centre of the Kruger National Park in South Africa, it stakes its reputation on being one of the best spots in the world for viewing Lion, Leopard and Cheetah, because of the fertile grazing land found in the area which attracts vast herds of Antelope.

This stretch is especially productive in winter when the veld is dry, and Lion and Leopard lie waiting to ambush the thirsty Antelope that come in large herds to drink at the few remaining pools of water. Satara Rest Camp is slowly being modernized with the addition of private kitchens, air-conditioning, overhead fans and facilities for the disabled.

You’ll be staying in the guest cottages with well equipped kitchens and the camp also boasts a grocery store that is well stocked for the self-caterers.

The camp is often referred to as the 'cat camp'. Large Cats are frequently spotted in the Muzadzeni area, where a large and successful Lion pride operates, or along the 5100 route that runs east from Satara Camp, hugging the bank of the N'wanetsi stream.


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