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Why choose Wild Africa?

Your photographer...

Hailing from Northern Ireland, Tim was first introduced to photography at the ripe old age of 18, and loves the instant results it can provide. He sees the camera as an instrument of expression, be it Nikon, Canon, Fuji or any other brand - "The camera is only as good as the eye behind it."

With over 20 years in the photography business, Tim has worked, lived and has in-depth knowledge of the area you'll be staying in. A member of the distinguished Royal Photographic Society, his work has been published in regional and national magazines, and most recently in Africa Geographic's Yearbook. 

He'll be on hand 24/7 with advice to help you get the most from your cameras and editing equipment, giving presentations and hosting critiques throughout your stay.

Your trip...

"When I saw what was on offer in Africa, particularly for photographers, I wanted to make it as easily available as possible, so others could have as meaningful an experience as I had. I didn't need the frills, but the thrills. I'd rather my money was spent on experience but also the creature comforts everybody needs.

"Accordingly, I designed these trips to try and incorporate as much experience as possible - obviously with a focus on photography, but not necessarily exclusively for photographers either. 

"Being on hand on every trip, for me, is essential - not only for feedback, but to make sure each and every individual in my care falls in love with Africa like I have."

Tim Feherty

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