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Photograph amazing animals in their natural habitat just like you've always dreamed of under the guidance of a professional photographer every step of the way. You'll learn not only different techniques, but also about the animals themselves - essential to getting that perfect shot!

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Get your hands dirty! Our trips are designed to give you an immersive African experience with guidance from local experts - seeing Africa from an authentic, true to life perspective.

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Contact us to see how we can enhance your African experience. Our trips are designed to be photo-immersive so if there's something special you want, why wait any longer?


"Going to Africa with my camera has long been a dream of mine - I enjoyed it so much it's staying on my 'bucket list'!" ★★★★★


Professional Photographer

Your location...

Situated just outside Kruger National Park in South Africa, our different destinations offer quick access to the park itself, plus private game reserves, rehabilitation centres and panoramic routes (we have coffee, conversation and some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet).

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Responsible tourism...
4 amazing camps to stay at!

Over the course of your 2 week stay, we'll be going through some down-to-earth, rustic accommodation, an overnight in Kruger, riverside cottages and finishing up in a beautiful 5-star tented camp.

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We at Wild Africa realize how important it is to be responsible for our actions, so we've come up with a plan to help our four and two-legged friends everywhere that we're sure you'll be happy with. 

For every booking, we'll be donating to two local organisations to put something back.

Responsible tourism...
More than wildlife...

As well as all the flora and fauna, you can take the opportunity to brush up on your landscape skills, including the beautiful African night sky. We guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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